WAP: 3 [Fur wash]
WAP: 3 [Fur wash]
WAP: 3 [Fur wash]

WAP: 3 [Fur wash]

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Cleansing/ Humectant/ Anti-inflammatory properties

WAP: 3 fur Wash is a shampoo for the dog that cleans gently and thoroughly while it soothes sensitive skin. WAP: 3 shampoo is made from ingredients of 100% of natural origin. A gentle shampoo that washes skin and fur with deodorizing properties. Enriched with lemon to increase circulation, antibacterial Tea Tree Leaf. Also cooling Spearmint leaf. Contains ingredients with humectant properties that bind the moisture in the skin cells. This strengthens the upper skin’s barrier layer, which protects from inflammations, irritation and dryness. PH 7 

Key ingredients  

Lemon rind / Tea trea leaf / Spearmin leaf


A gentle scent of lemon and mint.

500 ml