WAP: 1 [Paw oil]
WAP: 1 [Paw oil]

WAP: 1 [Paw oil]

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Moisturizes/ Repairs/ Protects

Gentle and effective oil that helps to moisturize, repair and protect the dog pads. Made with 100% organic and only all-natural ingredients from carefully selected growers. Contains Jojoba oil, which is effective in softening and moisturizing. WAP: 1 Paw oil also contains argan oil which holds the entire spectrum of saturated, simple – and polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect and strengthen the ball of the foot. Rich in vitamin E. WAP: 1 Paw oil is formulated as an oil as the small particles of the oils quickly penetrate into the ball of the foot and build it from the inside.

Key ingredients  

Jojoba oil /Argan oil /Vitamin E

50 ml